1. ginuwineleather:

    i wanna raise my daughters to not text back

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  2. "A part of me wants you
    in the most innocent way possible:
    taking off your shoes in my bedroom,
    climbing under the sheets and watching
    whatever’s in my Netflix queue,
    barely even touching
    as we talk about our days until we
    fall asleep with our
    clothes still on.

    But another, hungrier part of me
    wants you unbuttoning your shirt
    before you’re completely through my door,
    falling onto my bed, and
    scrambling to make your fingers
    unbutton my shirt faster
    Your mouth shaking out
    my name the entire time."

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  3. "You have my whole heart. You always did."

    Cormac McCarthy, The Road (via feellng)

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  4. "I need more clothes."

    me everyday when getting ready (via vauo)

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  5. bombing:

    just saw a post accusing Obama of working for the government

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  6. rainekitty:


    Telling your son not to “be such a girl” lets his sister who overhears the conversation know that being a girl is not a good thing and she should be sorry and ashamed of herself.

    It also reminds your son that being a boy is better than being a girl and therefore he is better than any girl he will ever meet.

    In russian if you cry you get called a cabbage. Vote to change “dont be such a girl to “dont be such a cabbage” say I.

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  7. me and bae having sex

    • bae:   mmm yeah fuck me baby
    • me:   put a quarter in the swear jar
  8. "Raise your words, not voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder."

    Rumi (via feellng)

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  9. extendedburning:

    you’re not a bad person if there are actual reasons why looking at ferguson stuff makes you terribly anxious or paranoid and im not going to fault you if you can’t. but, if you are humanly able, please reblog the posts on how to help, how to avoid tear gas, how to help pay for legal fees, the vigilsetc., and please, if you have the hd space, download and archive every video/picture of this you can, they are being taken off of social media. 

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  10. amoribus:

    I’m a cutie and by a cutie I mean desperate for attention

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  11. have you ever had sex on a plane?


    Not yet… but I will join the mile high club sooner or later ;) lol

  12. live-as-a-teen:



    if you shame girls about their breast size i will push you into traffic

    "Who’s flat now?"

    whos flat now

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